Saturday, November 20, 2010

#2 - A Brief Overview (The Powder Blue Palace)

I am a very lucky person. Through the good thinking of my friend Nancy, I was introduced to a friend of a friend, who just happened to have a place in NYC, that she never went to, but for which she still had to pay a "monthly maintenance". I, being a kind and generous person, volunteered to assume that fee for a year (with an option to renew for another, next October), and we all are very happy.
This wonderful apartment is a one bed-room, in a 30 story building, 2 blocks off Union Square and right on bus and subway lines that reach out everywhere. Perfect location, nice door men, maintenance people who fix broken anything, and a view of the Empire State Building that could stop your heart every time you look out the window.
There is only one's powder blue! Well, everything is powder blue: the walls, the ceiling, the carpet, the sheets and towels, well not the dishes, they are floral. Now, I know you are saying to yourself, "What a silly thing to even mention. This is not the practical and easy going Bettie I know and love.", but you don't know that I hate powder blue. This comes from the 9 years I was forced to wear that abominable color in my school uniform EVERY DAY. I have loathed that color since forever.
Will I let that deeply ingrained prejudice ruin my stay here? NO FRAKING WAY. I'm not here to look at walls, anyway. I'm here to go to the theater, meet people and have adventures. I keep the shades open and let the city flood in with that stunning view. Huge rain clouds sail by the skyline. Gorgeous sunsets pour into this place, and it is magical how I don't see the blue any more. I only see out, and that's what I'll write about next. Until then....


  1. Fun Fun---I visited the powder blue apartment and loved it!
    I did not have to wear the color for 9 years---and you are sooooo right --the views are awesome...I miss the energy of the city--was in LA this week end and no energy there---not like NYC---bottle some up and send it my way.

  2. is 32 stories and has an even better rooftop view. And yes, the blue is vile, and I generally like blue...