Friday, December 24, 2010

#8 - Rockettes

You know how things sometimes never live up to expectations. The house you remember as a child is some how smaller than you recall...the historic place you always wanted to visit is actually surrounded by a gross parking know what I mean. Let me state with out reservation or even one bit of exaggeration, that the Rockettes Christmas show was something well worth waiting a very long lifetime to see.
First, is it in the most magnificent building (read here: Rockefeller Center/Radio City Music Hall ArtDeco masterpiece of architecture). The stunning interior of the building and the theater is glorious enough...than add that Martha Stewart (no gagging, please) very spectacularly decorated the lobby and the inside of the theater. simple but grand. You know it's true, the woman has a knack.
no camera can capture the magic
The Rockettes...what can I say...Barbara and I counted 31 dancers. that's 62 long graceful and perfect legs, kicking and strutting for really long sets. I was exhausted watching, and I never lifted my foot off the floor, other than to bounce along with the music. I was blown away with enthusiasm, as though I was a 8 year old child, and that's just how I felt. Tears, of course, you already know I cry all the time when presented with beauty or joy. The highlight wasn't even the kicking and glam, they did the Toy Soldier routine: tiny steps and precision, in long lines and patterns, culminating with all 32 falling down in slow motion onto a red pillow! Just ...just...I don't have the words
Add to the evening, 6 sheep, 2 camels and a white donkey, well I was dead from happiness. Oh, and the Ol'Fat Boy was in the house. How does he do it all?
Also, there was 3D, but that was silly....and the Gershwin camera /cel phone police would have hauled 90% of the audience off to jail. Everyone was recording and walking up and down the aisles. My theater going self was in turmoil. It took great Zen powers to let it go and enjoy those legs. I did, and I must say, if you have the chance go see them in NYC. It is the treat of a lifetime!
That's all. Barbara and I are out an about today & looking for Ebenezer Scrooge tonight.


  1. Hey Miss Beet and Miss BArbara
    This is again a wonderful post---the only thing that keeps me from being homesick for NYC is that I did see this last week end in San Francisco--it is the best!
    I hope that you two find Ebenezer tonite!
    Dad and I went to the Ferry building today for lunch---great day was had by all!
    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!
    Miss you ;-)

  2. While we didn't have Radio City Music Hall or 3D, we did get to see the Rockettes show here in Oakland and it blew away my very low expectations. I'd seen a bit of their show on PBS and was unimpressed, but in person, it was incredible!

    Loved the toy soldiers routine and the NY tour bus thing. And I even got a little misty at the nativity scene, and I ain't much for church goin'. Such a delightful show.