Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#9 - The Blizzard and I

I love that title! Those who know me, know why. To those just on the fringe.....it's a WICKED reference. Deal with it or leave.
So, there has been a weather emergency in NYC (well the entire East Coast)
It is being called snowmageddon. A phrase coined by The Bama on February 7th. This is the 4th snowmageddon this year. 20 inches in Central Park and 18 on the streets on Manhattan. Worse out in the boroughs.
Something like this does not stop me. I still was in the Theater District Sunday night when the bitch storm was blowing old ladies over in the street. Then again on Monday I was back on Times Square watching hapless tourists and furious locals curse Mayor Bloomberg for not getting the shovels and plows out to the most important part of town....more people on their asses trying to hurdle piles of snow. It does no good to plow the streets, if you make huge walls of snow no one can get over. If that happened in Chicago, the entire administration would be out of office. No joke. I have seen it happen. I was a City Planner for the Real Mayor Daley you know. Anyway, the storm provided lots of drama and plenty of photo ops.

 owners out of town
from apt Monday morning
17th Street car under there somewhere


If you're not in a rush to get from Pt. A to Pt. B, it's especially nice outside now. Sun's out, wind's gone, snow's still white." 

The NYC Twitter site says it's over. It is for now. This is winter and actually it is only Day 8 of the season. More slush to follow. I hate slush!

While I am on the subject of snow....there were some really fun Christmas decorations and trees this year. Well, as I was never here before in the Xmas season, that is a dumb thing for me to say, but I have seen pictures and film of the twinkly magic Manhattan has to offer. The FENDI store in Fifth Avenue was a liquid wall of blinking icicles. I was not able to capture it adequately, but it was just outstanding. Here are some highlights from the tree category:
Rock Center
EmpireStateBldg City'sTree

Martha's Tree RadioCityMusicHall

New Years Eve is next......Oye Vey!

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  1. Hi Bettie -
    You have snow - I am 8300 feet up in the sky here in Colorado and there has been nary a flake this year! There is snow all around us 30 minutes away - but not a flake has adorned this property so far.
    I grew up admiring the sites and particularly the windows on Fifth Avenue during the holidays - Mom took us into the city on the Long Island train - actually we had to change in Jamaica for a local train. The magic during those visits dispelled any complaints about the weather - at least for us.
    I admire you leaving your dream!
    Warm hugs. anne