Sunday, March 6, 2011

#13 Part A - Miss me?

6 weeks. I have gotten worried e-mails. Could it mean there are peeps out there who read my words? Probably, just friends wondering if I have been stymied by the weather and shut in the Powder Blue Palace, too afraid to venture out into the grey gloomy icy streets. Not so.
The primer event of the month was as you may have heard me mention before, was Teal Wick's debut on Broadway. I've lost track of how many people came in from San Francisco to witness this event, but Australia was represented as well, and my apartment was TWickie Central. It was a bit like college, with a whole lot of musical dialogue. We were constantly quoting lines from one particular Ozian opus. Laughter was rampant. The Tuesday night of her opening show, I was treated to a REAL seat in the audience, as a gift, and we had the extraordinary good fortune to be sitting next to Teal's parents and 1 seat away from her best friend. It was just too much fun to be able to lean over and kvell with her mother, who was as ecstatic, as you might expect. Then there was the added challenge of not acting like an ass. The one note gushing fangirl was so not what I wanted to be that night. I do think I pulled it off. We were all there to witness the next, albeit huge, step in Teal's theatrical journey. Don't think she will be just a showgirl...too much talent to be contained by one medium...just wait.
So, need I say that the evening was a monumental success? DUH? All the happy and love in the entire world was centered in front of the StageDoor that night. The entire area glowed with it.
(it is very hard to type when the curser acts on it's own volition and skips all over the page...ARGHHH)
The visiting CaliGirls were game to to go to shows and concerts I had targeted, so we were all over Manhattan; highlights of which were Camp Wanatachi, sumer camp for girls (oh, how I loved camp) & Carrie Manaolakis (former witch who is moving on).
(it has taken me 45 minutes to type 2 sentences.....this is a seriously sick sweet laptop. Must stop before I go mad)  More, if I can find a LapDoctor. SORRY

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