Monday, March 28, 2011

#13 Part B - The Computer Ate My Homework

Well, there really is a reason that my blog has been off the wonderful world of the worldwide ethernet...I have had a very sick 'puter. I had "curser disease" I cursed that curser and almost went mad (both as in seriously mentally disturbed AND as in so angry I could pop a blood vessel). I found a Lap Doctor named Mike, and he has cured "Bettie'sWickedLittleMacBook" (don't you name your computer, too?) So, here we go again, back to the world of cold, noise, dirt, stench, congestion, rudeness, expense, frenzy and magic that is New York City. While all those adjectives are true, I still love it here.
So, in January, there was a rumor going around Broadway that Theater was dead. Shows were closing faster than you could read the articles about them, even shows that were damn good. A sort of gloom floated over the slush in the street that was ruining my boots and people were not going to 42nd St. Of course, I did. I go to shows multiple times. Luckily I have great sources for discounts and don't mind waiting in line for RUSH tickets for hours in the freezing morning wind. I do, also, like to challenge the Lottery Gods (Caps, because you never want to insult those deities). I have tried the WICKED lottery 8 gazillion times and have only won 3 times and consider myself VERY lucky. Well, the tide has turned, and Broadway is back and damn is it fun to watch the hits and flops. Really, I haven't seen any true flops.
I have had lots of friends visiting, and I have been going with them to the new shows. It is my civic duty to help the economy of this town, right?
Did you know that you can hear a jackhammer 20 floors down,  just as loud as if you were standing right next to it on the street? TRUEFAX  For 47 minutes!
So, what was I saying? Oh, yes, the shows are back:
Here is a truncated version of some things I've seen and done, theater & otherwise:
Other Desert Cities: Palm Springs, with a really messed up, pretending not to be Jewish or Democratic family, with a gay daughter and a deep secret. Stacy Keach, Stockard Channing & Linda Lavin. I know those people in PS. It was sold out and fantastic.
WontheWICKED lottery!!!!  Nuff said.
Idina Menzel NY-Philharmonic: Second row, same concert as SF, but with Marvin Hamlisch. The entire Symphony Hall was sold out. First she was funny and did her stories. At the end she sang a cappella. I cried. The huge house was enraptured and in silent awe.
Camp Wanatachi: Last show. I hope they come back. Loved that music and the actors.
Carrie Manolakos: Solo show in the East Village. Tiny club. Great singing. I am her fangirl. She is a former witch. They must be followed and revered.
Raul Esparza American Songbook: Lincoln Center's Rose Hall. Late night concert. He was full of sass and perhaps some spirits. Started with Begin the Beguine by Cole Porter and then veired off to his Cuban roots. Magical evening. I was at a front table with wine. His Momma was in the house and there were childhood stories. I didn't want it to end. The room had a glass wall overlooking the lights of Columbus Circle and the Park. He is a riveting entertainer. We were all a little bit in love with him.
The New York Idea: Donna S. came in from Oakland, and we went to this Off Off Bdwy show in the Village. Victorian drawing room, bit Noel Cowardlike, marriage, divorce and stuffy attitudes of the time and a woman who was needing to break loose. Very much a Philadelphia Story wanna be from 1906. We also went to a kickass German restaurant called HeartBreak. Fun evening.
Celisse Henderson: Best Buy, Flatiron District, singing her album and making the loyal fans who came very happy.
Crystal Chapell: Book signing at Rock Center. To see her walk down the staircase and own the entire room was worth the waiting and the crowds. The woman is a Goddess.
Organ Recital St. Patrick's Cathedral: Fifth Ave, sunny Sunday, beautiful Bach, 90% Spanish congregation, stunning architecture. I love a free concert.
Double Treat Monday: Teal at The Canal Room & Carrie M. at Le Poisson Rouge: Teal sang Firefly, Drew Gasparini's song, at an evening of new composers. There was some Schwartzhate in the room. I didn't like that. Allison Case, Morgan Karr, Rachel Potter, Anthony Rapp also sang. Teal was outstanding! Then we taxi'd over to watch Carrie in a theaterpiece called Things to Ruin. She was VERY funny. This work could be a real show. Hope it comes to that.
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: DanRad has moved on from Harry Potter. He sang and danced his little heart out. I think this show will be a huge hit.
Katie Thompson: Triad Club Upper EastSide. I have been waiting to see this woman for 3 or 4 years. She writes the most poignant songs and plays the piano as she sings them. She was accompanied by 2 women cellists. What an interesting sound. The evening was to present her new CD. Magical.
Kendra was a no show at Joe's Pub: I don't want to talk about it!
Arts & Crafts: Sandra Bernhard's musical in progress at Joe's Pub. Funny. Good music. Needs good singers in order to go to the legit stage. I love this woman. She cracks me up and is a good person.
Lombardi: I only went to see Judith Light, who I think is a phenominal actress. She was lovely afterwards and talked to me for a long while. The play is good, as well, but she knocks me out. I'll go see her read the phone book.
LosttheWICKEDlotteryAGAIN: Joe was in from SF. He got a "noshow" ticket, and I hung around to go to SD and make sure he got back to his GMa's apt on the Upper EastSide (her neighbor is LIZA with a Z). It was pouring rain. I didn't get home until 2...soaked and cold, but it was still fun.
The Desert of Forbidden Art: Documentary film about the abstract artists of Stalinist Russia who's works have been saved in a remote part of Uzbekistan. Went with Susan. I am ArtsyFartsy, you know.
Kicked out of the apartment for 5 days.   Arghhhhh
Anything Goes: What can you say about a classic? It has Joel Grey, Sutton Foster and Jessica Walter. Sumptuous music, goofy slapstick and an ArtDeco cruise ship. What's not to like? and the tixs were $10.
The Man Who Ate Michael Rockefeller: Off Bdwy, in a church basement on 73rd Street. Funny Funny Sexy, did I say Funny? show. The Asmat cannibals were more interesting than the art collector who does not return home to NYC. His disappearance was a tragedy. This is an interesting/political take on that.
More Carrie Manolokos: Rockwood Hall. Lower EastSide(Alpahbet City) She did a very long set, with a great band. Went with a group of her fans. It was crowded and nutso, but total fun. She is so good. The girl needs to do an album.
Storm Large: Yes, that's her name! She is a singer who can draw the drama out of ANY song and boy did she ever. Almost 2 hours of high intensity and emotions at Joe's Pub. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thanks to Elisa for making me go. I am now a fan. Even got the CD. Stunning performer. Beauty to go along with the beautiful voice & she was nice afterwards and talked with us. Great night.
Arcadia: Tom Stoppard at his best. Raul Esparza as a Brit...what fun! Must go back. It's very cerebral.
WontheWICKED lottery!!!! First called!!!!....but Teal was out....Chris was most unhappy. Next time!
Catch Me If You Can: Norbert Leo Butz, Aaron Tveit, Tom Wopat & Kerry Butler...this will be a hit. We were flying! Great music and story. Super dance numbers. There is going to be some fighting at the Tony's in June. I have still got lots of great shows to see. This was the first blockbuster on the list.
WontheWICKED lottery!!!! Well, Chris did. Told her so. Front and center. I got a Teal fingerwave at curtain call. Is she a sweetheart or what? That made my month! (well, it's not over yet)
Mary Poppins: We went to Philly to see Nicolas Dromard. The one and only Neeeecolas. It was so worth the early departure and 2 hour bus ride on a bus with no heat. So what, it was wonderful. The show is all you would expect. Great music and dancing and special effects, but made perfect by his dynamic performance as Bert. The man is just perfect. I told him he was perfect, and I think he agrees with me. He has a great sense of humor, but is really appreciative of the support his followers from SF give him. We are going to see him at the Tonys some day. Mark my words. All he needs is the show. We talked at SD and met his Mary, Steffanie Leigh. Lovely voice. Lots of laughs and good hugs. I collect hugs. I don't do autographs. They just sit in a drawer. Hugs bring happiness.
Oh I forgot, one more...
Where's Charlie: So, I was sitting at the bar at Junior's waiting for Elisa, and was talking to this dude who is a theater-nut, no duh, I find them all. At the end of the conversation, he says, "You obviously love a good show. I have a free ticket to the Encores presentation of Where's Charlie" (a musical version of Charlie's Aunt from 1948) He gives me the ticket and says good by...WOW It was very dated, but had great singers and there is one famous number in it that Ray Bolger (think know the Wizard of Oz...WICKED 6 degrees of separation, folks) sings called Once in love with Amy. The entire audience sang along in nostalga...they were all in their 80's and were going up the balcony aisles in their walkers, really. It was fun, but I prefer to see young people in the audiences. That way. I think Theater will have new recruits and will thrive forever.
Thhhhhhat's all folks. Thanks for reading. It was long, but I had fun writing it, and I am a selfish bitch.
(no pictures, I'm tired)

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