Saturday, April 9, 2011

#14 - I See Green!

Now, what green do you think I am referring to? I would not want to be too predictable, but then again, I am a dyed in the wool witch woman watcher....or is that woman witch watcher? So what, I was just teasing. I mean to glory in the resurgence of the color green to the urban landscape. SPRING HAS SPRUNG.
My father used to drive me nuts every year by reciting a little ditty:
Spring has sprung
The grass has riz
I wonder where
The flowers iz?
It used to make me crazy. Of course, I now wish, to all that's all powerful in the Universe, that I could hear him say those words to me and then chuckle at my reaction, but alas he would be something close to 106.
So, it is left for me to convey to my electronic friends, the glory of green after 5 months of grey.
If you ask me if I miss California, I would have not even a nanosecond of hesitation in answering no. I am having a wonderful time on this sabbatical. I do miss my family, my friends and my pups, but not much else. The one blatant lie in that statement is that I miss green. California never dies. There is color and life even in the bleakest corner of the State all year long. I do miss that.
As I walk about the city, I see signs. Robins returning to the trees. Trees are beginning to sprout buds. Tree wells are dotted with stalks of green stems and daffodils are blooming. Macys has guided tours of the Flower Show, in the store and out on Harold Square. Times Square has been transformed into a forest of evergreen trees, for one of the cosmetic companies. The Orchid Show is at the Botanical Garden. Oh, and the CEOs of the top 3 banks have given themselves huge bonuses (that's green backs in their pockets, right?) Green everywhere. It's thrilling, except the CEO thing.
Green is my favorite color. Stop sometime and really pay attention to how many different shades of green you see in a park or forest. I sit in Central Park and do that. There is a pond just at the bottom of the park, near The Plaza. It's called South Pond, I think. I have taken some shots of it in 3 seasons so far:
   I really haven't spent enough time in Central Park to write about it
well. I was there today, on my way from the Theater District to the Upper West Side to do some chores, and got waylaid by the sun, the people, the dogs and the life wandering by. I will be going more often. It will be fun to compare CP with GGP (don't tell me you don't know what I mean, sillies).
The addition of sun and warmth to the equation of life is exhilarating. Today, I actually had on a short sleeved shirt and exposed my bare skin to the elements. Shocking I know, but I'm a grown woman and can handle almost anything life throws at me. New York, get ready for skin! Perhaps the memory of icy winds and slush will fade. I am certain that I will be trying to conjure up feelings of cold when I am pushed into lethargy from the sweltering heat of Summer. That's when you can say, "I told you so!"
I leave you a photo of the only flower to grow on Park Avenue this Winter. It was 6 feet tall and made of fiberglass. It made The City smile:
There were lots of shows this week, but I've got one more huge event tomorrow, so I will save that for next time. Thanks for reading and TTFN or LLAP (that's from Leonard Nimoy)

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  1. What camera do you use to take your pictures? Is it just your phone's camera, or do you have an actual non-phone camera?