Monday, October 17, 2011

#19 September is a great month...Oh, it's October!

I do love September. My birthday, to be sure, is the best day, but then there are a ton of my friends who also share September with me, and you know how much I value my friends. Well, if you don't know the answer to that question, get off this blog! I also had fun in September attempting to sing Happy Birthday to the talented Teal Wicks, but luckily for all involved, that never happened.
The City in September is just glorious. Central Park was crisp and stunning with the last remaining green still in control. The tourists are still here, but not the ones with children, so things seem calmer.....and the best thing about September ....... The Theater Season is beginning.
New shows have started. The NY Musicals Festival is held. Wonderful new productions are just around the corner...more about them later. The first new show I have seen is FOLLIES, huge extraordinary cast bursting with Diva talent...but later about that, too.
So, I apologize for writing about a month long gone, but I love it so, and it's my blog, so I had to say something.
Now, for the first great thing about October:
I won a writing contest. Yes, I'm bragging! I'm damn happy about it, as the judge graduated from Yale and was properly educated on such things as good prose. Do click the link and go read my piece. Every word is true, and I hope the funny bits really make you smile:

I welcome comments via AOLe-mail, as I never go to gmail. Be kind. I am developing an ego. TTFN

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