Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#20 Time flies when you are having fun: The 1 year post

How do you measure a year in the life? 
In long walks, in diners, in cups of cocoa. 
In sweet shows, in bad shows, in journeys 'cross town.
My friends who love RENT will get the reference. The rest, just understand, this has been a good thing I have done.
One more year to purge this demon. Who wants to put money on whether that can be accomplished?  I wouldn't bet on it. I've been afflicted since childhood. 
I have seen wonderful performances, met wonderful people, had some wonderful meals, gone to wonderful concerts, had wonderful walks and bike rides, taken wonderful photographs and experienced wonderful adventures. Well, some of those things were not so wonderful, but hindsight has turned them into enriching experiences, so it's all good. 
I only had one near death experience. I was able to yell and curse out the asshole who almost ran me over, in the best New York tradition, so I figure that was cathartic and good for my chakras.
I love this city. I'm a pretty positive person, and have been happy in 99% of the places I have lived. Still, the energy and creative pulse of this place are heaven to me. I do like a week or so in the mountains or in a lovely tropical island, but this is it for me. (There is the contradiction with how I feel about Africa, but that is for another conversation.) I feel as though I am in the center of the Universe and I do believe I am right. 
Let us hope that the next year will be good for New York City. The Theater will thrive. The economy will not tank a third time and my legs will stay strong enough to negotiate the stairs in the Subway.
One more year, please! Then I will return and tell good stories and plan more adventures.
I will leave you with a photo from the 64th floor of 7 World Trade Center, looking North towards Broadway:
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes....and I loved every minute. TTFN

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