Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#23 I Love It Here

The above should come as no surprise. I have spent a year and a couple of months living my dream and even uncovering some visions I didn't even know were lurking inside my usually focused head. I have made new friends, stretched my limits and spent time reflecting. Those things were usually not possible while living life as a mom, wife, ex-wife and worker (I almost wrote lurker...what's that about?)
So, things were going smoothly. The winter was mild. I was seeking interesting theater and cultural venues deeper and deeper in far away places in the city and it's environs, sort of waiting for the explosion of new shows coming in the Spring, when all HELL BROKE LOOSE.
I got evicted! Well, truth be told, my landlord got found out for having a long term sub-lessee in her "oh so fancy, everything must be approved by the Board of Directors" building, and I was summarily out on my ass in one day!
Now, you  know I am a glass half full sort of person, so how to deal with this disaster? First, my wonderful friend Susan took pity and gave me shelter. Next, I had a frank conversation with the Building's Manager, where I learned that there was no way in Hell that the Board was going to reinstate me (they were apoplectic with my landlord), and I decided to start the search.
Bless Craig's List and curse them at the same time! First, the price of rentals has soared since I last investigated. I did have a sweet deal, but it was within reason. I found out that some adjusting would be necessary. I am a master of planning. I had this city mapped and phone calls out to people before the ink was dry on their Craig's List postings (yes, I know that was symbolic). I saw some wonderful places (usually to find out they were falsely advertised and were much more than listed), and I saw some DUMPS (the worst being the apartment where the woman greeted me with a cigarette in her mouth and there was a sheet hiding the living room). I will save the deets for my book, suffice it to say...I found a gem! With that comes the proviso....it is at the end of the A TRAIN! Nice Pre-War building, 45 minutes from all that is bustling in this city, true, but there is lots to be discovered here. I am on the huge Inwood Hills Park. The spot where in 1626, that clever fellow Peter Minuit bought the Isle of Manhattan from the Indians for $24 (I'm going to spend some time looking for that plaque) and then there are The Cloisters, Riverside Drive and the entire Upper West Side to explore. See, glass half full.
The Spring Theater Season is in full bloom. I am happy to report that the leaves are starting to return to the trees, and I have Black Squirrels in my park. How cool is that!
Slap me silly for not being a good blogger for the last few months. The crisis is over and I am all yours until October ends. (No, I don't want to talk about that). Now, let me push the "publish post" button and get out of here. I have things to do.........

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