Thursday, July 19, 2012

#24 Bloggity Blog Blog Blog

I have been chastised by the best of you. I have received praise and encouragement for my turn of a phrase. There has been speculation that I have gone off the deep end. All this, because I have not Blogged in quite a long time.
Those of you who have been interested in my well being, and have kept in contact via the social media, are no doubt secure in the knowledge that I am fine and am squeezing out the last bits of pleasure this wonderful city can provide. I have gone to almost every theater presentation that was nominated for a Tony (well, truth is, that I didn't go see Death of a Salesman or Streetcar Named Desire, because I just have had enough of those ponderous plays). Some shows, like ONCE, GHOST, Peter and the Starcatcher, Venus in Fur, and Porgy and Bess, I have seen multiple times. I even had a rollicking time  Tony Evening by spending it with several hundred other TheaterDorks, sitting in front of a giant Jumbotron, on folding chairs, being gaped at by the tourists in Times Square. Yes, I was the one who leaped out of her seat and screamed with joy whenever her favorite actors won an award, much to the embarrassment of her friends sitting with her. I so don't care any more if I make people cringe. Life's too short not to be enthusiastic when the feeling forces itself upon you.
So, we know my theater life is fine.
As to my social life, that too is full and healthy. I have wonderful friends, albeit a goodly number of those friends are much younger than I. That is a great benefit to me. Not only are these people sharp, witty, energetic and always up on what's new and going on in NYC, they are generous at helping me to get Student Tickets, that helps in the budget crunch which is a fact of life for those of us living in this costly town. My friends go with me on adventures throughout the 5 boroughs, tell me about great and cheap places to eat and even hooked me up with the most fun I have had in a gazillion years...marching in the Pride Parade with one of the Theater groups that needed more bodies. Marching is the wrong word...walking and high 5ing half of the million people standing on the sidelines of 5th Avenue, is more accurate. I only slapped very hand on the right side of the parade. Sorry for the ones I "left out" on the other. I had  a seriously sore right wrist after that Sunday. My Friends tolerate my dorky presence at concerts on Monday nights in the jazz and night clubs where our favorite entertainers cut loose on their off night. I am never carded, they always are. I swear, I still do not have grey hair, but who would know that, as I always am wearing a hat (something I have done since I was 10...get over it people).
I should add that I have had company occassionally. Some visitors from Cali. have been by. Barbara, my beautiful daughter is here now. There was also a visit from Remi, the only male to grace these rooms. He is a dog and required walking twice a day but was no trouble at all. I expect only one more visitor before I leave town. TWickies are always welcomed here. If you don't get that reference, you haven't been paying attention.
As to my mental health, and probably the real reason I haven't blogged in a while, the immenent deadline for my stay here is fast approaching....too fast in my estimation, and that has no doubt added a subliminal depression to my psyche. I hate to leave. I must leave. I will leave. I will be back.
I don't want to think about it.
That's all for now. TTFN and LLAP
 PS: I leave you with some pics I took when Marti and I watched the fireworks on The Hudson, 4th of July. I'm very proud of the Happy Face one. Cel phone camera, remember. Oh, and one of Remi, the dog. Boy, would Bentley have loved this town.

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