Thursday, August 28, 2014

#34 The Great Drive Around - Part 1

"HELLO DARLINGS!" That's not me, that's Sally Bowels from CABARET, the CD I have been listening to since I left NYC (well, that is not quite accurate, but more on that later). I am on a journey and it is most delightful and adventurous, but as it is not nearly over, I thought it best to jot down some ramblings before they go completely out of my head, as does happen sometimes.
This was my primary object:
Yes, it is a beach. Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean. Yes, I am standing in 3 feet of water, and most fearful that I will drop my brand new cel phone in the foaming sea. Yes, it is Oceanside, CA. 

I left the perfect place to spend a summer, NYC of 85 to 95 humid degrees, to take Uncle Bob's car on a spin around the country. Really true. I departed early on a Wednesday morning for Detroit to visit my much missed Jill, next to Chicago, for 8 hours, to sleep and pick up the mail, on to Colorado to visit Dale & Art and also the new mommies Robyn & Jennie, then Cali. Now there the list gets complicated. Daughter Barbara was first, as she has been deprived of one on one mommy-time for far too long, then Jan, CarolLee, Linda, Babs, Nanette/Steve & Faye. As I type this, I know I didn't get to many friends I love to pieces and will make amends next time. I was only in Oakland 2 days and one of those days I was not particularly coherent. It does take some stamina to drive across country in 3 days. Did I mention the outrageously gorgeous Glenwood Canyon in Colorado or the High Desert at 5am? (not one car on the road...yes, I am an idiot)

There is so much beauty in this country. I think the politicians have lost touch with the magic of this land. 

Anyway, back to the journey. Barbara and I ate at Zachary's Pizza and guess what New York? You lose that contest! Shopping for gifts on Park Street in Alameda did not in any way tempt me to cancel my next year in NYC, but it was fun to see how things are progressing on "my street". Actually, I can make myself happy anywhere. I just prefer to be closer to theater people. I did see some of that "species" up in Sonoma, at a great evening of song and dance with my pal Babs. Then some excellent quality time with my sissie-in-law, a quickie visit to AngelsCamp to laugh with my Pod Faye(inside joke)...then LaLa and the cuzzies, and Duckie. Yes, I give my peeps, nicknames. That's a sign of love! I've got tons of nicknames and I dole them out liberally. Love, I say!

So the final destination was Oceanside and the wonderful retreat my pal MaryElena has on the beach, that she inherited from her parents, a real house with rooms and windows on the ocean. I love the beach, the water, the waves, the sun, the sound of the surf...I just hate sand! There was a full house of old friends and family and the talking, eating and laughing never ended. Relaxing, but yet exhausting....a perfect 4 days. There was the added excitement of huge waves from Hurricaine Marie. Thanks Mexico! 
I have one more afternoon in Cali, then Part 2 of The Great Drive Around begins. More adventures await and more interesting encounters with friends and strangers. Stay tuned......lots of good things planned and unplanned. That's what makes it an adventure. 

Oh, did anyone pick up on the fact that I drove from The BayArea to LA without getting a speeding ticket? My living in NYC without a car, and avoiding those tickets may be the reason California is in dire financial trouble. Tough luck CA, I'm only going 8 mph over the posted limit. I need my $$$ for theater tickets......and GAS. Jeez, the prices ranges from $4.89 to $3.19. Don't get me on that subject!



  1. What a great life you have B! Its a pleasure to know you :) XO Love, Tricia

  2. I think I should take a road trip with you so I can document it with my camera.

  3. I love this post. Go girl, go! And by the way, what's my nickname? Kathy P

  4. Glad you're enjoying the trek. See you on this coast soon ;-) steph