Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#35 The Great Drive Around - Part 2 (or should that be Act 2?)

"Hello Darlings", again! As I mentioned last post, I listened to the revival of CABARET CD at least 50 plus times (I exaggerate or maybe I don't). It just always gets better. Perhaps I listen to have Natasha Richardson wipe Liza with a Z out of my memory. Then again, I also picture Alan Cumming walking around my local dog-walking spot (Tompkins SqPk) in his PJs with his pup. We do not talk.
The other music I listened to was a collection of 27 CDs that my brother compiled of favorite folk music tunes from Chicago's Midnight Special radio show on WFMT. Woody Guthrie singing "This Land Is Your Land" and me weeping big tears over the music and the beauty I watched go by me, at just slightly over the posted speed limit. It was a most charming way to pass through the vastness of this wonderful country.
You ever drive through Texas? Don't. Well, if you have to, drive very carefully! I have first hand knowledge of troubles there. You do not want to be stopped by the Texas Rangers. There is this terrible tension of wanting to speed towards the boarder, but fear that to do so, will be a disaster. Luckily, this trip, I was able to pass through unscathed. I did notice the lowest gas prices of my journey ($3.01), but didn't need to purchase any. I didn't even stop at a SONIC for TaterTots and a Dr Pepper. That was a small joke, as I can't drink the stuff, since having some warm Pep back in my days at Oklahoma University and retching miserably. The mind never forgets. There is a beer story, too, but not for today.
I did make a side trip to visit my girl Georgia in Santa Fe. There was tea and some yummy treats. Did you know TheArtist was also a cook? Who knew. Here is her cookbook shelf. Notice that she was a fan of Julia Child:

So the return trip was an OU reunion. I stopped in Tucson, Phoenix and Tulsa. Lots of laughing, eating and tall tales. Next time I will divert down to Austin, Big D & Houston.
I did try to move to Houston in the 70's but chickened out. Something about my date, one night, jumping up on our table and singing "The Eyes of Texas" at a very loud volume, just made me miss Chicago enough to return for 9 more years. How different would life be, had I done that move. It is natural to think that, but as I am very happy with where I am, and who I am, at this very moment. I would change nothing in the past...the good, the bad or the stupid. It all lead to right now...sitting in a tiny studio, typing thoughts of a wonderful adventure, only a few days over.
What happens next? I've already got things lined up, but there is plenty of room for the unexpected.
This last Great Drive Around was perfect, except for the damage it did to my figure and my foot. Both will recover, as soon as I get some miles in of walking. I missed walking. I promised my friend Dale I would walk around TheCentralParkPond and donate to the Alzheimer's Association. Wouldn't hurt any of you to do the same. None of us are too far from that fate.
Off now to thank my friends for BDay greetings and to enjoy September in NYC. It is the perfect time here. The summer lingers, without the "nine circles of Hades" heat, and the Fall Theatre season is about to begin. Perfect, right?
Oh, I forgot to mention the thousands of very tall ladies in town for NYFW (NewYorkFashionWeek). For a person with NO fashion sense at all, I must say it is pretty exciting. I went to the Ralph Lauren show in ThePark last night. Holograms! Not one real model! But it was tons of fun. Here is a pic of the Brooklyn Bridge used as a backdrop for the show (fuzzy, as the holograms were projected on a film of water from the pond:

Cool, right? I love this town!

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