Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#36 A Tree Grows Outside of Brooklyn...lots of them, actually

Trees! I saw lots of trees this month, and I have pictures to back up that statement, but the kick in the pants to sit down and write this blog, about The Fall Colors Drive Around, was when I was walking by Radio City Music Hall today and saw that they have ALREADY put up the full Chri$$ma$$ Tree Lights! That annoyed me sooooooo much, I got out the laptop and began to type.
It's still 3 days before Halloween. Why don't we just do away with Halloween and Thanksgiving! Who needs funny costumes, WITCHES (and this year lots of Frozen Elsas), zombies and candy or delicious dinners with turkey, dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes w/marshmallows, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie....just not as important as making money on Chri$$ma$$, right?  NO!!!!
So before I rant too much and offend everyone in America, I will report on what the other part of New York looks like. Yes, there is a really pretty state out there.
I drove back from Chicago on the Northern Route. That was just below the Canadian Border. Couldn't risk driving in Canada, as the car is not in my name and I don't look like a Robert. They are evidently very particular at those boarder crossings, about things being 100% in order. When I got to the far Western part of NY, I was just delighted to find The Finger Lakes District. My friend Lindsay suggested the route, and she should know, she is from Buffalo. It was an area of small towns and long finger like lakes that were surrounded by trees and hills. Photo heaven. I also drove through Ithaca and had lunch near Cornell. I do love a college town. Such energy and interesting restaurants.
There was much pulling over on the side of the road and acting like a tourist...well, I was one. I really was looking for RED. I did find lots of yellow, orange, purple, brown and green, of course, but I was unable to find really deep good reds. I don't think it was the time of the month or the cold, I just found the wrong trees. I was in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and fraking Vermont, and while it was all gorgeous, there was little RED. Oh, well, it was still beautiful.
Now, to the little surprise I threw into the mix after all that driving...I drove 3 hours up to the middle of Vermont, to have a 20 minute tour of the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory...and I didn't even have any ice cream! Yes, I do crazy things like that.
I had spent a really ugly night in a terrible motel in Massachusetts, and I decided to give myself a treat. It was a long drive, but that in itself was interesting and come on, those 2 guys are real good guys. Guess what? I felt as though there were more people at that factory, in some tiny town in VT, than in all of Times Square NYC. I really felt that was true. You know when there is a policeman  directing traffic out in the boonies, that there will be masses of people. The line for a cone was 45 minutes long. Of course there was a Gift Shoppe, but even though it was a TouristTrap, there was such an atmosphere of good will and kindness. It mattered not at all that I had added 6 hours of driving to my trip. I loved the place (specially the area that told of the good works and charitable deeds the company fosters...good people inside and out).
So I drove back hours into the night and had had enough of trees and sights. I was glad I did it, but it felt wonderful to get back into traffic. TheCity was an even more beautiful sight....although I must say that my new companion, Magdalena Magellan (Maggie, for short and Meg, when she pleases me a lot) tried to guide me back into New York via the $13 MidTown Tunnel. I turned her off and avoided all tolls. I now consider myself a seasoned NY driver. Next trip....Salem to see WITCHES. BOO!
PS: For those who don't get the joke in the title of today's blog...there was a book and film in the 40's & a musical in the 50's called A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Google it. I'm tired and am going to bed!

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  1. Nice pics! What a trip you had :) Great blog B. Love, Tricia XO